To the Adventures of Winky and Blinky!

An Adventure Story about two Feral Cats, brothers, 
growing up in rural Florida.

As seen on "PBS"
Endorsed by the Early Learning Coalition of Florida.

Hope you enjoy this first story from the Series.

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As seen on PBS.

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A fun story and a great way to entertain your children.

Storybook with pages turning, sound effects, voices, and music.
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A Fun Project to do with your child or grandchild!
Make your own book, just download and print the pages.
Punch holes on the left side of the pages and tie the pages 
together with ribbon or string.
Now you have a book that you can read along with your 
CD or DVD.

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Bring the CD with you any place you go and
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"The Adventures of Winky and Blinky"

A Great Children's Adventure Story 

The Adventure Book, the DVD Storybook, and, CD Audio Book.

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Little MaMa










Uncle Jumbo




A colorful Storybook about two Feral Cats, Free Roaming Cats, brothers, growing up in rural Florida.
        A fun story about how Winky and Blinky learn good lessons while on their adventures in the Florida woods.

NOW, included with the book, is a New DVD and New CD with music, narration and sound effects.
A wonderful Learning Tool Combo - this Trio provides a visual, audio and reading tool.

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Feedback of Letters and Pictures

Thanks for your wonderful contribution!  It is “great” hearing from everyone.

Hope you all enjoy the following information, pictures and feedback, that I have received. 
Thank you for sharing the cute pet pictures they are a lot of fun for everyone.
If anyone else would like to share pictures and feedback just email them and
we will try to get them up on the site for everyone else to enjoy.

December 2011 

                                       Thank you for the Book & DVD and CD.  It's really cool.  My son who is 4 years old watches it over and over.  Thank you very much.  Happy Holidays!  (From a very nice Mail Carrier)

10/06/2009 10:18 PM    To Jim & Joanne
have a 4 year old daughter named Keavy-Rei. We accidentally found "The Adventures of Winky and Blinky" 
at our local Goodwill. It was inside of another book. We noticed on the back that it is going to be a series of 
books. We were wondering when the second book will be out or where can we find it?  She is going to be 
taking the book to her school tomorrow so that maybe her teacher will read it to her class. 
It is a wonderful book. Thank you so much for writing it!!!
Edgewater, FL

Here is a Special Letter and Picture.

Recently, a Mother told me how much her 3 year old son, Quentin, enjoyed the DVD.
   He asked his Mother to play the DVD several times by saying, "again," "again," "again." 
He was really into the action.  He would act out the different scenes and would laugh along
with the cats.  He would pretend to be frightened when Uncle Jumbo jumped out of the bushes.
He pointed at the book and then at the TV making the connection that they were the same.
 His favorite DVD was Tom and Jerry and now it is the Adventures of Winky and Blinky.

Here is Quentin's favorite Cat.

Quentin's Clarabelle


A teacher said it was a beautiful book and it taught good lessons.

Another teacher read it to a class of over 30 students, (3-5 year olds),  and said, the Students didn't make 
a peep during the entire reading and  afterward they all talked about who their favorite cat was.

A preschool teacher played the DVD for her class.  After an enthusiastic outburst the Principal asked what
  was going on.  After viewing the Book, the DVD, and CD, she stated that she wanted the entire Series.

"A Good Teaching Tool."

Recently I was told about a 3 year old boy that kept asking his Mother to play the DVD over and over again, 
he would say, "again, again, again."  After the third time he pointed to the book and pointed to the TV.  
Then he started acting out the different parts of the story and would laugh when he heard the laughter on the DVD. 
His favorite DVD was Tom and Jerry and now his favorite DVD is Winky and Blinky. 
"Sounds like he was having fun."


Here is a wonderful card from our Mail Carrier.

J B. writes:
Last year for Christmas, I sent your book to my two great nephews, 1 and 3 years old. 
The three year old has memorized the story and tells it to the Little one all the time.
He has associated family and friends with the characters and of course him and his brother with Winky and Blinky.
I just pulled up your web site to see if you had published anymore.  Please let me know when you do, as I would 
love to send my great nephews more books.  Attached is my favorite girl. She was a feral born under the pool 
deck at Banana Bay in Marathon about 7 years ago.

Beautiful Chancey


Click Here to see some more of Winky and Blinky at home.

Animal Advocate
      An Animal Advocate in Deland is Selling the Book, DVD and CD to raise money to help Abandoned Animals.

Feral Cat Society Volunteer

     A Volunteer for the Feral Cat Society received a copy from a friend and she wrote a letter about how she really loved it and was looking forward to more stories.


Animal Shelter

A local Animal Shelter loved the book and put the book on their shelf.

Local Library
The Person in charge of the Children's Reading section called to say that she "loved the DVD and that it was very well done."  
Thank you.

Boston Library

         In the Boston Library's Register it showed that the donated book was checked out within the first two hours of being on the shelf.


I called the Printer to order envelopes and one of the Employees who read the book stated, “I loved it and now I want to get a cat.” 
Thank you for both.

“I wish I had an Uncle Jumbo!”
      A Man who said that he didn't like cats, read the book and was moved by the story.  He said, “I wish I had an Uncle Jumbo!”  He went on 
to talk about his childhood and the problems he had with some bullies at school.  It was amazing, that after reading this story, how he was able 
to open up and speak about his experiences with the bullies. 
He sent the book to his Granddaughter for Christmas.

Thank you for your great input.


Author Jim Woods with wife Joanne on Anniversary

We hope you and your family will enjoy this first Book, DVD, and CD  written for Children and the Young at Heart.

Author's Note 

This Trio provides a visual, audio and reading tool.  Playing the CD and reading the book at the same time provides word recognition along with word pronunciation. This learning tool can be utilized in the Auto while driving from place to place.  

The DVD can be utilized with or without following along with the book.  A child can refer to the book while watching the DVD and connect the book and words to the DVD.  

While watching the DVD on the TV Screen, the Book Pages Turn, revealing the written words and the colorful pictures on the TV screen. The Preschooler can Listen to the Narration, the Music, and the Sound Effects while Reading the book.  Sound and visual effects connect children to reading.

The Stories have various Characters and Settings.  The Words sound different at different times and are utilized in unique ways.  It is an Exciting and Fun way to Learn. 

A good book is a joy, it can take you away to another world and Children can experience the same thing. 

Our Mission is to make learning fun and help relieve stress through laughter and by providing Adventure Stories that promote interest in reading.

The Beautiful Hand Painted Illustrations were done by a local Artist in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
The Music and Sound Effects were done by an Audio Studio in Edgewater, Florida.
The Narration by local Actors.
Printing was done in Deland, Florida

Thank you for visiting today.

Jim Woods

email:  jo@winkyandblinky.com

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