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Student Assessments

Learning is an ongoing and dynamic process. At Winky and Blinky, we use varied methods to continually measure each child's progress and abilities.

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Testing & Tutoring

It is important that students have all the tools needed for success. By engaging in students in testing and tutoring, they are able to reach their full potential.

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Placement Assistance

The environment is very important for your child's learning. Our consultants do everything possible to ensure your child is accepted to the right school.

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Your Child's Education

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Winky and Blinky is an independent educational consulting agency, helping parents and their children find the school that best suits their academic and social needs.


Paving the Learning Path

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Whether your child is just entering school or is transitioning from middle school to high school, our consultants will provide you with the best information to ensure your child gets into the right school.

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Winky and Blinky guided us through the entire process, and we are glad they did."

—Dorian & Mark W.