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Winky and Blinky is an independent publishing company dedicated to helping Parents and Teachers  provide fun stories for children to read that may help encourage reading while learning good life lessons.This is the first book in this series.

Winky and Blinky

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It is important that students have all the tools needed for success. Teachers can use our Lesson Guide Outline to help engage with students to evaluate each child's reading progress and abilities. Our tools can help each child reach their full potential.

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Storybook DVD $4.95

Audio CD $1.95

Lesson Guide. $1.95

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I will be adding names soon of the local animal sanctuaries and animal advocates that want to benefit from the sales of this DVD.  We can together make a difference in how animal over population is controlled.


Hear it!   See it!   Read it!

This method of learning is very effective.  We feel that our reading tools will make learning to read easier.

With all three components,

the CD, DVD, and Storybook,

the Students will learn by,

"hearing it" "seeing it" and "reading it."



At Winky and Blinky, learning is an ongoing and dynamic process. We use three components, the DVD, CD and the Storybook to capture the student's attention. The Adventure story provides an interesting story with some excitement added in.  That combination helps to encourage a love for reading.

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